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General Data Protection Act (GDPR)
You will no doubt be aware of the new act that becomes law on 25 May 2018. Your committee has set up a working group to look at the new law and how it affects Cheltenham U3A. This has resulted in the creation of a Cheltenham U3A Privacy Policy. Please click Privacy Policy for full details.
If you require any further clarification please contact the Meetings Secretary.

Message from the Chair
Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather, fingers crossed it will be just right for our Picnic in the Park. There is an advert for this event in the newsletter and I hope it will be well supported. We are putting a lot of work into the organisation, to make sure it is the greatest day for our members, so please come along and support us. We are also inviting members from other Gloucestershire branches to join us. Our wonderful group leaders are going to bring along their group members to provide some fabulous entertainment and show off what they can do.

We are aware that there are some members who do not come to any events nor join groups and we wonder why. There is a possibility that some of these members are now older and maybe not able to get about as they did. Would these members like a visit or a lift to an event? We would like to hear from anyone in this group, either with ideas of what would attract them to come along, or if they need help or are lonely.

Gloucestershire County Bridge Association has very kindly offered some help for our bridge groups. We are very grateful to them and to Andrew Shields who is going to organise an event for the bridge groups with them.

Sheena and Ruth, who organise our very interesting monthly talks, have now taken on a project to organise talks for smaller, more specialised groups of members. These will take place four times a year and will be aimed at classical or other music fans, book lovers, people with an interest in science etc. Watch out for details, and thank you Sheena and Ruth for taking this on.

Cotswold Link is a network of U3As covering Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. You will have seen adverts in the newsletter for an event they are holding on July 3rd in Cheltenham: “The Great Outdoors”. There will be good speakers and it should be a most interesting day. I hope our members will support this event, which is right on our doorstep.

Maggie Conu
Has anyone got any spare storage space? We are looking for somewhere to store our display boards which are used occasionally; details of their dimensions are given below. If you are able to help us, please contact Maggie Conu or any member of the committee.

Stored vertically on their sides, with the handles facing outwards for easy access, the dimensions for the four sets together are: height 95cm; depth 66cm; width 45cm. They make quite a compact block.
Click Ambling News for details of July and August 2018 ambles.

Model Railway Group

There have been a small number of replies to last Newsletter’s advert, which allows us to start the Group, but leaves us still with a space or two.
Our activities are most likely to be sharing model railway ownership experiences and expertise, visiting model railways and full size restoration ones, plus a little live model running and researching railway history. And anything else new comers can bring to the party.
Drop me an email.

David Siddons

Local History& Archaeology

July 12th. Meeting suspended until a new leader can be found.

August 9th. Meeting suspended until a new leader can be found.

B Pudner
Research – a way to enjoy yourself!

The University of the Third Age encourages all the activities Cheltenham U3A currently undertakes – Open meetings, group activities, social events, trips away. But beyond these it also promotes any educational approach to enjoyment.
The recent AGM of the Cotswold Link was addressed by Chairman Pam Jones who in turn introduced two of her central team. One was Anne Foster who is a recently appointed Research Ambassador, open to approach by individual U3As. Anne spoke well about the central resources available to get research projects going. Her theme was that any subject of interest could and should become essentially ‘research’ to give pleasure to the individual or group who have a common interest. If something interests you, why would you not take it further?

Our own web site has a link at the top to U3A which takes you straight to theirs and the U3A site has an onward link to a myriad of topics including RESOURCES. Have a look.

Would anyone interested in a particular subject, something they always meant to look into perhaps, and would like some encouragement let me know.
And would anyone simply interested in joining with others to form a research project also let me know.
We shall see what can be brought together!

David Siddons committee member - email

Formation of a new “Travel Group”

There is a proposed new group being planned called the “travel” group. I am willing to help create this group. I propose that anyone who is interested should attend the open meeting in July. At the end of the open meeting we can gather together and discuss the following topics:-

1. Objectives / Purpose of the group.
2. Ideas on how the group should operate.
3. When and where the group should meet.

Note:- As Linda Hurl organises UK based travel for all U3A members, I feel that the “travel” group should be biased towards members seeking overseas travel, or needing help in planning personal travel. We could also talk about our own experiences of organising travel / holidays.

If you are interested in joining this group, then please contact me via email initially - see below making the email title "New Travel Group".

Add any comments that you think will aid forming this group.

Malcolm Baker Business Secretary

Recycling Corks

Ken Sheather, leader for the Wine Group, has joined a U.K. charity that recycles natural corks,
reworks them into products for sale and donates funds to various charities worldwide to provide fresh water to communities.
Cork does not disintegrate; it just contributes to landfill.
If you can help by saving your corks, please contact Ken and bring them to an Open Meeting for collection.
Remember that screw caps can be recycled via the can bank.
The charity also collects the wire cages and caps from all sparkling wines.

Recycling Corks

Email Ken Sheather