Cheadle & Gatley


Welcome to the website of the Cheadle and Gatley U3A.

The group was formed in the summer of 2011

and before the pandemic had over 250 members with more than 30 Interest Groups operating.


For the past 15 months, during the current Covid-19 restrictions, all Monthly Meetings and Interest Group Meetings have been suspended. Some Groups have, however, been meeting 'virtually', and from early summer 2021 some groups are meeting in person again. See our latest April Newsletter in the links. See the January 2020 Newsletter for details of how our U3A operates under normal conditions. This also has a list on the last page of all our Groups which normally operate. Some of the details given throughout this website do not apply during current restrictions.


By clicking on the buttons at the top of this page you can find the following information.

GROUPS Details of all our current Interest Groups and Open Groups within the NE Cheshire Network.

EVENTS Details of our regular Monthly Open Meetings.

CONTACT A contact form by which you can send an email message to Cheadle and Gatley U3A.

GALLERY A collection of all the images which can be found elsewhere on the website.

U3A Information about the National Organisation and National Events.


These may be found on the right of the page on a computer, or below on a phone

Click on the Links to find, amongst other things:

• A New Members' Leaflet which gives outline details of Cheadle and Gatley U3A as it is under normal times.

• Copies of the January 2020 Newsletter with details of how our U3A operated under normal conditions, before the pandemic restrictions, and our most recent February, April and June 2021 Newsletters.

• Information to help Convenors in the running of their Groups, in the Convenors' Reference link.

• The latest 2020-21 Financial Statement

• Information about the North-West Regional U3A.

• The Cheadle and Gatley Safeguarding Policy.

• The Cheadle and Gatley Privacy Policy.

• The Archive section which contains earlier editions of the Newsletters and other archive material.


Information about the cost of joining Cheadle and Gatley U3A is in the Membership link opposite.
If you would like to join our U3A:

• Please read the New Members' Leaflet in the link opposite to give an overview.
• Please read the Newsletters in the link opposite to see details of our Groups.
• Both membership Application Forms and Renewal Forms for 2021 - 2022 can be downloaded from the links on the right.
• EITHER download, print and complete an application form from the link opposite and send it with a cheque to the address on the form.
• OR when monthly meetings resume you will be able to come along to any meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 1.15 at the URC Elm Road Gatley. Your first meeting is free, and there you can fill in an application form and join.
• For those unable to download and print Renewal and Application forms, they are available to collect from the porch of 16 Oakwood Avenue Gatley (along from Armenique).

Membership renewals are due from April 1st
Please note that you cannot enter your details onto either the Membership Application or Renewal Forms online. Please print the form and enter the details by hand. You can then apply for/renew your membership by post or at a monthly meeting.


Subscriptions may be paid by cheque, cash or bank transfer. Full details are on the 2021 - 2022 Application and Renewal forms.


If you would like us to be able to reclaim the tax on your annual subscription (known as a 'donation' for tax purposes), please download and fill in the Gift Aid Declaration Form in the links opposite. Many of you have now done this, and for anyone else who wishes to do so Gift Aid Forms will be available at the Monthly Open meetings. Thank you.


Some Interest Groups within our local network (North East Cheshire) have been designated as ‘Open Groups’, and can be attended by members of other U3As in the Network. More details can be found on the Groups Page by clicking the Groups button above, and there is a list of Network Open Groups in the link opposite.


This website is comprehensively updated twice a year, in January and July on the publication of our Newsletters. If any user finds any error, typographical or factual, or omission, then please advise us using the Contact button above. Also, if any Group Coordinator wishes to add details about their group e.g. their forthcoming programme, advise us in the same way.