Cheadle & Gatley


Annual Membership subscription is £12 per member. This includes a sum of £6.80 which covers the subscription to the National U3A Matters magazine (5 issues per year) and the levy payable to the National U3A organisation which provides among other things general administration services and insurance for U3A activities.

Members joining part way through the financial year of our U3A, which runs from 1st April - 31st March will be charged at the rate of £1 per month, or part month to the accounting year end. For example, someone joining at the July Monthly meeting would pay £9 for July to March.


Renewals should be made from 1st to 30th April.


For those who use online banking, from April 2021 joining and renewal subscriptions may be paid by bank transfer. Full details will be included on the new Application and Renewal forms which will be available via a link from the Homepage at the end of March.