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If you would like to receive more information about the U3A, or talk to us about joining, choose from the following:

CONTACT OUR CHAIRMAN, or MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY using the email link below. They will be pleased to tell you more about the U3A and how to download the information you require from this site.

COME ALONG AS A VISITOR to one of our monthly meetings, most of which are held at the GUILDHALL in CHARD at 2pm on the third Monday in the month, except August when there is no meeting.

TALK TO THE LEADER of the group or groups that you are interested in joining - our Groups Co-ordinator (see email link below) can provide contact numbers.

TAKE A LOOK AT THE NATIONAL U3A WEB SITE, where plenty of information is to found, including videos and audio recordings and even a link to the U3A on Twitter.

A user name and password are required in order to access the U3A members' home page.

NEWSLETTER - Articles for the newsletter should be sent to Jackie Bridge (Tel: 01460 67989)
or Bob Inskip (Tel: 01460 62085).


WHEN AND WHERE? You can join our U3A at any time of the year, either at a monthly meeting or by directly contacting our Membership Secretary.

HOW MUCH? Joining involves paying an annual subscription of £14 and sometimes £1 for a general meeting and 30p for meetings held in private houses. The cost of meetings in hired halls varies, depending on the hire fee of the hall and the number of members in the Group. A reduced annual subscription applies for new members from 1st September. This reduced membership also applies to past members returning to the U3A providing they have not attended any U3A group or monthly meeting since their membership expired. It is an insurance requirement that all members of groups are U3A members. This requirement will be relaxed for non members who wish to try out a group before joining our U3A, providing permission has been obtained from the group leader. Prospective members are allowed 2 such taster sessions after which they must join if they wish to continue attending our U3A meetings.

The financial year starts on the 1st March at which point subs will be due for the coming year. Cheques for membership should be made payable to Chard, Ilminster & District U3A and may be forwarded to Rev Marion Field, 46 Old Town, Chard, Somerset TA20 2BE, together with your completed membership form. PLEASE ENCLOSE A STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE for the return of a membership card.

All of the information you need regarding groups is to be found in the "Groups" section. Contact telephone numbers for group leaders can be obtained from the Groups Co-ordinator.

Policy on accommodating members from other U3As

Members of other U3As can join one or more of our learning groups, subject to availability and with our own members generally being given preference.

Where there is a reciprocal arrangement, as with U3As in the Avalon Network, the visiting member will not pay our annual subscription and will only pay costs associated with any particular learning group. The member should be asked to show his/her membership card and his/her U3A noted.

The Avalon Network comprises the following U3As:
Chard, Ilminster & District, Crewkerne, Yeovil, Somerton, Street & Glastonbury and Camelot (Castle Cary).

Where there is no reciprocal agreement, (as with Taunton, Lyme Regis or Honiton U3As for example) the visiting member may join as an Associate Member the annual subscription being £10.50. Again, group leaders would need to have sight of their membership card and a note taken of their U3A.

YOUR NEW COMMITTEE for 2019 - 20

MARION FIELD Vice Chairman
PETER BOURDON Business Secretary
JIM LOBLEY Treasurer
MARION FIELD Membership Secretary
LYN LOWE Groups Co-ordinator
DI GOLDSMITH - Visiting Speakers
GILL LOBLEY - Publicity Co-ordinator


Lewis Bates - Publicity
Jackie Bridge and Bob Inskip - Newsletter Editors
Mo Chilvers - Beacon Administrator
Margaret Martin - Web Site Administrator

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