Photograph of Georges Dock Building. Photo credit Eirian Evans. Photo copyrighted, but licensed for further reuse.

This building, designed by Herbert J. Rowse was erected to fit the huge fans used to extract foul air from the Mersey Tunnel. Rowse also designed the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.


9 October 2014. Our recent visit to the Mersey Tunnel was a most informative and interesting one. The official leaflet said "there are many steps to walk up and down" and there were!!
After donning our hard hats and high-viz jackets we were taken up to the control room. From here all aspects of the tunnel are being monitored from air quality to traffic conditions. We then went down past the huge ventilation fans, still going strong since the 1930’s, to the roadway and the new refuge chambers. These have been built for use in an emergency such as fire in the tunnel. Many steps up later we reached ground level again. We were then given more information about the listed Art Deco Georges Dock Building.

When next in Liverpool take a look at it, apparently the designer was much influenced by Egyptian archaeology at the time.

Alan Comyns has a substantial history of the tunnel (110 pages), published in 1934, and will lend it to interested members.