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After the Liverpool Town Hall visit, see Exhibitionists page, we went down to the Albert Dock to see the 12 Yachts in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. There are some facts and figures on the first photograph.
The Race started on 20 August 2017 and finishes in Liverpool in July 2018. Barbara and David Mercer

The Government has recently made money available to help people over 50 to become familiar with computers, tablets and mobile phones. There is free digital support and advice, and whilst the scheme is in its infancy and there are not too many takers, help can be on a one to one basis, either at Deva Point in Blacon or even in your own home using your desk top computer. I stress this is for beginners and those with limited knowledge rather than our people who are more experienced and can benefit from what is covered in the computer and tablet groups. The instructors are very friendly and patient so why not give it a try?
For more details or to book a session phone Heather Backstrom on 07958 611 618 or Alan Smith on 07932 556 062, or have word with me. Bob Armitage


We have had a reminder for the Direct Mail Scheme 2018. Members in the scheme receive 5 copies of the magazine and three of Sources. The charge is £2.50/year. We will need the names and the subscriptions at the meeting on Wednesday. If you wish to renew your subscription please indicate on the list. Can anyone not going to the meeting and wishing to have the magazines,

Bob Howard