MONTHLY MEETINGS for all Cestrian U3A members are normally held on the THIRD WEDNESDAY.


It was good to see so many of you at the AGM in our new venue, the Grosvenor Museum. At the committee meeting the week after, we welcomed Win Thomas as our new secretary and Kay Hall Wilton as our new Vice Chair. Win mentioned to me that she had been at the first ever Cheshire U3A meeting in the Grosvenor Museum when a potential group for Chester was formed many years ago!
Some of the committee received positive comments from members as to the suitability of the Grosvenor Museum for our meeting, so we agreed to have our November and December meetings there. The November one will be on the 17th and the December meeting will be on 8th December – this is the second Wednesday in the month, as the Museum is closed for Christmas from 13th December.

Some members mentioned how difficult it was to get to the museum, so I have enquired about buses. From the bus station to the museum, all buses are running as normal i.e., buses going to Wales stop outside the charity shop a few paces from the museum on the same side of the road. To get back to the bus station the number 16 coming from Saltney stops outside the charity shop then goes to the bus station. Some members may have difficulty with stairs so it would be good to keep the back row free for them as that would only involve one step. If school children are visiting Chester and are walking with the Roman Soldier, shouting out in Latin, left, right, they usually meet in the foyer of the museum until around 10.45am when they join their legion. The foyer, but not the lecture theatre, may be busy at these times. If you have any comments to make regarding the museum as a venue for the general meeting, please let me know.

Thank you to those who replied by email to the questions about renewing your membership and whether you would like to attend a Christmas lunch. This was not sent out by post as we only wanted an approximate idea about how many people would attend a lunch. We received a good response but there is not likely to be a hotel booking for Christmas lunch. We may be able to organise a restaurant booking for some members after the meeting on the 8 December.

Hazel Fraser

20. October The National Gardens Scheme Jane Moore

For obvious reasons no subscriptions were needed last year!!
Subscriptions however are now due for 2022 and should be paid before Dec 31st 2021.A cheque please for £12, payable to Cestrian U3A, can either be given to me at the October, November or December meetings or sent to me with a SAE.
Thank you.
I would appreciate it, if you would let me know by phone or email, if you are not thinking of renewing your membership. (see contact link above)


I run two Bridge Clubs and wondered if there are any players who would like to join in with the sessions
Dates are Monday 1.30 at Vicars Cross golf club and
Tuesday 1pm prompt at Guilden Sutton village hall.

We would welcome new members

Liz Flanagan