3/2/2021 Zoom meeting: Working with the Ghosts of Hampton Court: Sarah M Slater

3/3/2021 Zoom meeting: King Tiger Rag. A Musical Presentation: Rodger Browne

7/4/2021 Zoom meeting: Confessions of a TV Comedy Writer: Brian Ashton

5/5/2021 Zoom meeting: Talk from a Documentary Photographer: Jim Holmes

2/6/2021 Zoom A humorous presentation about Great British Eccentrics Paul Robbins

7/7/2021 Zoom Living the African Dream Alison Mees

4/8/2021 Zoom The Pitman Painters Ian Crawford

1/9/2021 Zoom Ruth Dodds Margaret Bozic

6/10/2021 Agatha Christe - A Zest for Life Ian McArdle

3/11/2021 The Von Trapp Family Linda Davidson

1/12/2021 Christmas Event T.B.A.