General Meetings

These are held on the first Monday of each month (except August )at 2 p.m. at Cave Castle Hotel. If the first Monday is a Bank Holiday then the meeting will be held the following week. Regularly, over 100 members attend these meetings. A charge of £1 is made towards the cost of the room.


These are arranged from time to time, and the cost obviously varies.

Dates for your Diary
Mon Jan 10th 2022 A Trip up the Norwegian Coast - James Gibb
Mon Feb 7th 2022 A Glimpse of Edwardian Life - Michele Beale
Mon Mar 7th 2022 The Magic Circle and Great Magicians - Stephen Wells
Mon Apr 4th 2022 Thornton le Dale Ukulele Band - John Scoble
Mon May 9th 2022 A.G.M. and The Lives of Children in Rural Africa A.d.Barnes
Mon Jun 13th 2022 You Must Remember This - Bernard Bale