General Meetings

These are held on the first Monday of each month (except August )at 2 p.m. at Cave Castle Hotel. If the first Monday is a Bank Holiday then the meeting will be held the following week. Regularly, over 100 members attend these meetings. A charge of £1 is made towards the cost of the room.


These are arranged from time to time, and the cost obviously varies.

Dates for your Diary
Mon Sep 2nd Maria Brewers - History of York Theatre
Mon Oct 7th Stephen Wells - History of Butlins Holiday Camp
Mon Nov 4th Jeff Jacklin - Life in the NHS. It only hurts when I laugh
Mon Dec 2nd Christmas Lunch
Mon Jan 6th 2020 Michele Beadle - talk on Amy Johnson
Mon Feb 3rd 2020 Paul Isherwood Buff Butler THe Chick of Cheek
Mon Mar 2nd 2020 Philip Walker - Being British
Mon Apr 6th 2020 Richard Baines - Seabirds and Whales on the North Yorkshire Coast
Mon May 11th 2020 AGM followed by Jenny Mordew - Being a Policewoman in the Humberside Police
Tue Sep 3rd Wentworth Woodhouse, near Rotherham. Following on from the visit to Elsacar, it is proposed to have an hour long guided tour of the house where the Earls Fitzwilliam lived, lunch at the Wentworth Garden Centre and then a walk round Elsecar to see the buildings and the park outside the heritage village. Price TBC