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Wider learning opportunities

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) give people the chance to learn new things with short courses presented by experts.
There are hundreds of online courses from top universities and specialist organisations on the FutureLearn platform, covering a large range of subjects.

Studying in a MOOC gives everyone, including people who have difficulty in getting out, the opportunity to keep their brains active.
Follow this link for further advice on MOOCs.

You may be interested in events, which are organised by the Surrey U3A Network

You may also be interested in these volunteering opportunities, which are organised by local and national organisations ...._

Caterham & District Horticultural Society - Community Garden and Caterham in Bloom 2020

The Caterham and District Horticultural Society is about to start a new Community Garden on the Westway allotments this summer on a plot allocated to us by Tandridge Council. We will be working with local GPs Surgeries as part of the health and well-being initiatives and also with local schools, brownies, guides, scouts and other community groups across all ages to build, grow and care for our local environment. We hope to spread our enthusiasm and gardening knowledge and to grow a new generation of gardeners for the future to care for and be custodians of our green spaces and allotments - our ‘Seedlings’.

In addition to the Community Garden we would very much like to put an entry into the RHS Britain in Bloom for 2020 not only to bring some much needed colour and interest to several areas on the Hill, particularly the High Street which is in great need of some tender loving care, but also to bring together a project for the community by the community.

We are hoping to find some local community partners and groups to help us deliver this vision and would like to extend this invitation to all U3A members. If you feel that this is something in which you and the other U3A members might like to become involved, in any capacity, we really would love to hear from you.
Please email Jean Burns-Thomas (Caterham and District Horticultural Society).

See Around Britain.

This is a registered charity which has setup the See Around Britain website, with the intention to provide photographic and detailed written information regarding a large variety of public venues throughout the UK. The information provided gives a brief description, along with contact details, transport information and accessibility information so that potential visitors, including those with disabilities, can decide whether or not a venue is suitable for their particular needs.

The charity currently has a number of exciting volunteering opportunities available. In particular, they are looking for volunteers to write venue descriptions to accompany the backlog of photographs of various venues and/or submit photos or videos of new venues themselves, all of which can be done from home and online via the website. There are online video tutorials available to help volunteers, but they can also provide additional support via email if needed.

If you feel this would be of interest to you, See Around Britain would be really grateful to hear from you.
Please contact Cara Crockett, or register your interest and join directly via the See Around Britain website.