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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a fitness-based walking discipline. Nordic walker

Nordic Walking (NW) ~ a Practical Solution to your Exercise Needs

Some liken it to Skiing without Snow! It is an incredibly effective route to fitness.

You use 90% of the body’s skeletal muscle to do it! Your entire upper body gets an aerobic and strength and conditioning workout too. As a consequence the calorie consumption from say one hour of walking can be boosted by about 35% or more if NW technique with special NW-poles are used.

Nordic Walking in action Nigel Nordic Walking Nigel's background as a Fitness Consultant and originally as a competitive cyclist from the late Seventies and early Eighties . . . led him into Nordic Walking as an interesting form of outdoor exercise over 10 years ago. He has recently run two TASTER sessions which have been enthusiastically taken up.

He has a stock of loan NW-poles, enough for a group of 12 at one go. Note that Nordic-poles are not the same as the loop-strap topped "trekking poles" that are in common use for rambling.

NW ~ not all uphill Along the Seven Sisters For further details send an email to Nigel, or click Nordic Walking Extra for our main Oakleafe Rambling Club website ~ offering more of the benefits of Nordic Walking.