Caterham & District


The Meetings listed below are organised by Caterham U3A.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, Zoom talks have been organised every 2 weeks. Time: 2.25 pm for 2.30 pm start. Talks are free to Caterham U3A Members. If you wish to attend any of the talks please reply to the email which will be sent out to all members during the week prior to the talk.

Surrey U3A Network Study Days include talks by outside speakers, and are held on the 3rd Friday of the month at the Menuhin Hall (near Leatherhead). Talks are open to U3A members (£10 charge, non-U3A guest £12).

The Outings and Social Events listed below are organised by either the Social Co-ordinator or individual groups. Follow the link to the respective group page for further details.

The dates for the Chichester Summer School next year are Monday 20 to Thursday 24 June 2020. Full details will be on the South East U3A Forum website in December. Information about the National Summer Schools can be accessed via the site for the Third Age Trust.

Also check out the Other Events listed below, which may be of interest to you.

We are hoping that more members will be prepared to help organise events. Please contact our Social Co-ordinator if you would like to get involved, or have other suggestions for maintaining a flourishing and diverse social calendar for Caterham U3A.

2016 was the Thirtieth Anniversary of Caterham U3A. Take a look at our previous events page, which includes some photographs.

Dates for your Diary
Fri Aug 14th This talk will be given using Zoom
Roger Dale will be giving a talk about Conquering Kilimanjaro via Berlin, Warsaw and Machu Picchu.
In the space of five years, Roger climbed Kilimanjaro, traversed the Andes to Machu Picchu, and rode a bicycle from Berlin to Warsaw (480 miles in six days) while dealing with mountain sickness, mountain rescues, Inca civilisation, saddle-soreness, muggings, chats with Derek Hatton and hobnobbing with Edwina Currie.
Mon Aug 24th This talk will be given using Zoom
Jenny Mallin will be giving a talk about A Grandmother's Legacy. My great aunt Constance was a woman of high social status and a wife of a British official, born in 1898 with a good social standing. as a burrah memsahib with a husband working for the Indian civil service in Burma during 1943 just as the Japanese attacked Rangoon and their only choice was to walk 1,000 miles to India, arrived barefoot at my grandmother’s doorstep in Calcutta in the middle of the night having taken four months to walk across treacherous terrain, monsoon climatic rivers and no other choice but to face the Naga community (who were headhunters) but found them to be extremely helpful in carrying the lame, sick, tired and weary across the border into India.
Fri Sep 18th This talk will be given using Zoom
Lesley Day will be giving a talk about The City of London Livery Companies.
Mon Sep 28th This talk will be given using Zoom
John Nathan will be giving a talk about Yellowstone in Winter.
John is a keen amateur photographer, and enjoys going to remote places. A few years ago he visited Yellowstone national Park, the first national park. It is in a remote part of Wyoming in the USA. Millions visit it in the summer, but in winter there is a lot of snow, and private vehicles are not allowed in the park. He will show many pictures of the scenery and wildlife of this magical place.
Fri Oct 16th This talk will be given using Zoom
Cllr Bob Milton will be talking about My life as a close Protection officer
Mon Oct 26th This talk will be given using Zoom
David Allen will be giving a talk about ‘Manners Please Dearest’ - the do’s and don’ts of theVictoria Upper Middle Class. Courtship, calling cards, dinner party etiquette and the mysterious language of the fan.
Fri Nov 13th This talk will be given using Zoom
Mary Brooks, a City of London Guide, will be giving a talk about How the City made its money.
From the time of the Romans to today, the City of London has been a financial powerhouse. In this virtual tour of the City we visit the people and places with connections and stories related to its financial history. We also look at how and why the City of London has retained its unique position within both national and local government.
Mon Nov 23rd Caterham U3A - Annual General Meeting
To be held as a Zoom Meeting.
The AGM Minutes 2019 have been published.
Study Days
Fri Sep 18th Surrey U3A Network - Study day at the Menuhin Hall, Leatherhead
The Art and Objects of the Mughal Emperors, from Akbar to Shah Jahan.
Presented by Ursula Weekes
London Discovery
Fri Aug 7th Kings Cross and St Pancras Walk. Due to the Coronavirus this has been postponed to 2021
Thu Sep 10th Temple of Mithras and Guildhall. Due to the Coronavirus this has been postponed until 2021
Mon Sep 7th 10.00 am. Astronomy - a talk by Martin Hogbin. Online via Zoom.
Mon Oct 5th 10.00 am. Do Animals want you Dead? a talk by Patricia Barnard. Online via Zoom.
Mon Nov 2nd 10.00 am Group discussion. Online via Zoom.
Mon Dec 7th 10.00 am Fun Quiz. Online via Zoom.