Carlton & Gedling


If you are a current member of Carlton and Gedling u3a, click to LOGIN TO THE MEMBERS PORTAL from where you can view the full Calendar (as shown in the photo on the right).

Click HOW TO LOGIN AS A MEMBER for guidance on how to log in and how to customise your own personal Calendar that just shows the groups that you belong to.

To see the more basic Public version of the Calendar click VIEW PUBLIC CALENDAR and choose what to display as described below. (Click any photo to enlarge it).

Public Calendar 01 The first page displayed shows all the meetings in the Public Calendar
Public Calendar 02 Click on any meeting to see the venue. Some venues have yellow links which can be clicked to view the website for the venue and/or a map of the location
Public Calendar 03 To view the Calendar for a specific Group, select the name of the Group from the drop-down list above the table
Public Calendar 04 Click Return to Carlton & Gedling u3a to return to this website