Carlisle & District

Philosophy Discussion Group.

The Philosophy Group meets on the 2nd Thursday afternoon of each month, from 1.30-3.30 pm, in the Philosophy Room, at Fisher Street Gallery's Carlisle.The cost is two pounds per session with refreshments available as we have a break half way through.

The format is informal,friendly and group led. We have a particular focus each month which might be a philosophical concept, a philosopher or a topical talking point.Sometimes I facilitate it but people also volunteer for which I am grateful, but there is no requirement to volunteer a topic and lead it. The topic is published in advance ,our topics have been wide ranging and have encouraged a lot of thoughts,reflections and opinions.

There is always lively views .experiance ,insights and many laughs. Conclusions are not reached, there are only more questions. Philosophy for use is about examining and questioning how we think about the World ,and the Human condition.

All new Members are welcome as we want a good cross section of views,opinions and life experiences.
Unlike many other subjects philosophy is not a body of facts and theories to be learned, it is an activity,to be enjoyed together,discussions are never boring and the time goes in a flash. My contact for more information is