Welcome to Cardiff U3A website. I am really glad that your internet search brought you to us here in Cardiff.

As you will see, we have a varied programme on offer and hope to add yet more areas of interest in the future.

We very much welcome new members. We are also well aware that taking that first step over the threshold is the most difficult. We will do our best to make you feel welcome.

As a new member you will be invited to a coffee morning along with others in the same boat. I have attended many of these and am certain that they do break the ice and make important first contacts.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the activities we offer. Our aim is to provide interesting learning opportunities and pastimes in a relaxed, friendly environment.

We look forward to meeting you.

Registered Charity No: 1033518

Cardiff U3A was formed in 1987 and is one of nearly 1000 autonomous U3As throughout the UK. It has over 550 members who meet through subject groups at various venues in Cardiff. There is a General Meeting with a guest speaker on the second Tuesday of every month in the Cardiff Masonic Hall, near the traffic lights in Churchill Way. It starts at 2:00pm, so please arrive in good time. Everyone regularly attending a group must be a member of Cardiff U3A.

For details of future meetings click on -> Monthly General Meetings

Have a look at our programme of activities on the various web pages which are linked above.

Elusen Cofrestredig Rhif: 1033518

Sefydlwyd P3O Caerdydd yn 1987, yn un o’r dros i 1000 o brifysgolion hunanreolaethol sydd i’w cael, bellach, yn y Deyrnas Unedig. Mae ganddi dros 550 o aelodau sy’n cyfarfod yn rheolaidd mewn grwpiau pwnc mewn llawer o leoedd yng Nghaerdydd. Yna, ar yr ail ddydd Mawrth o bob mis, yn Neuadd Guildford, daw yr holl aelodau at ei gilydd i gyfarfod cyffredinol, pryd y ceir siaradwr gwadd i annerch. Dylai’r sawl sy’n mynychu cyfarfodydd yn rheolaidd ddod yn aelod o Brifysgol y Trydydd Oedran Caerdydd.

Edrychwch ar yr holl raglen ar y tudalennau yma.