Writers Enjoying Words Collection

This is a little experiment for us, which we hope you will enjoy. At each of our group meetings, we write pieces of prose and poetry which we share with each other. We have pulled together a short anthology centering on the theme of Wales and invite you to dip in for a taste of Wales - all in English. We are toying with the possibility of a paper publication but would welcome your feedback on whether you enjoyed an online exposure to our scribblings.

Most importantly, we hope that you will enjoy doing what we try to do: ENJOY WORDS

Richard Garman
Group Convenor
April, 2019

Inspiration by Richard GarmanBlue Horizons by Jaqui Harrett
Our Gang by Irene LongMaking a Home by Patricia Stowell
The Cardiff Half Marathon by Lorraine GreyOpen Field Poetry by Noelle Bryant
Brimstone by Noelle BryantThe Pembrokeshire Coast by Patricia Stowell
Extra Ordinary by Richard GarmanThe Land Beneath the Waves by Dorothy Jones .
Leaving ‘Swn y Mor’ by Janet LaugharneA Strange Encounter by Jacqui Harrett
Clark’s Pies by Lorraine GreyFamilies by Sheila Taylor
Jack Russell by Patricia StowellIn The Café-Bar by Owen Parry
Another Tale of Two Cities by Dorothy Al Khafaji .