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Some members are not receiving emails sent to them from Canvey Island U3A, via the Beacon system. To ensure that this does not happen to you, please go to your email account and enter into your trusted, safe senders /allowed email addresses and contacts lists. This should ensure, as far as possible, that you always receive emails sent by Committee Members and your Group Liaisons. Full Details Are Here


Beacon is a web-based system that can offer us much more than just a membership database. All U3A members records such as email addresses, phone numbers and addresses are kept securely in one place. Restricted areas of the records can be accessed by relevant committee members and Group Liaisons, for example to send emails to members or group members.

The system has the possibility of enabling members subscriptions to be paid online. There is a simple built in accounts system that will allow Treasurer's a simple option to manage the U3A accounts. These accounts are acceptable for yearly submission to the Charity Commission.

Membership cards are printed by the Beacon system and include a bar-coded membership number. Members will be required to use their cards, to scan on entry to main meetings. This will give the committee and future committees valuable data of members attending meetings, and capacity at meetings. There will no longer be a need for members to sign in at AGM meetings etc.

Group Liaisons have now been given access to Beacon. This will enable them to keep an accurate record of their group members, easily send emails to their members, enter the dates of their group meetings, via the "Schedule" option, and enter or change forthcoming group meeting dates. If Liaisons need to collect money for any reason, there is a simple ledger to help.

If you have any questions or queries about the Beacon system please contact website admin and I will try to answer them.

Links in Emails

Some Committee members and Group Liaisons are now using Links in their Beacon emails and will be doing so even more in the future.
If you receive an email that includes a link (the link text will normally be Blue and Underlined), it means that there is more information to be seen on the link. All you need to do is click (or tap in the case of a mobile phone or ipad) on the Blue underlined text and you will be taken to that extra information.
Apologies to the computer literate amongst you, that know this already. However, it appears that there are many of you out there that that do not know this basic facility. This basic rule applies to any document that you may come across on the internet, if there is text that is underlined and usually blue, in colour, then click on it to see other information. There are examples of this in various places in the text of this page.


For Group Liaisons and Beacon Users

As a Group Liaison that uses Beacon you have been allocated your log in details. The only way to log into the Beacon System to update your group is on the dedicated Beacon website which can be found on the following link Beacon Users Sign In Page and by using your allocated user id and password. THE WEBSITE THAT YOU ARE ON NOW IS THE CANVEY ISLAND U3A WEBSITE, IT IS NOT BEACON.

Please make sure that you fill in the "Details" section and "Schedule" sections of your group as these details will be reflected on this website to allow all of our visitors and members to have an up to date version of your upcoming group events.

Help and instruction on how to use the Beacon system is available to users if needed. In the first instance the Guide A Useful User Guide For All Beacon Users should be studied and you are expected to have basic knowledge of your own computer systems. Unfortunately, help is not available in basic computer skills. If, as a Liaison you decide that you do not want to use Beacon, our Groups Coordinator will look after it for you. If this is the case it is most important for you to inform, Irene Traer, Groups Coordinator. Irene will need from you, changes when they happen i.e. members (new and deleted), meeting dates, times and venues.

A user guide aimed at Group Liaisons is available here Beacon User Guide.
See also A Useful User Guide For All Beacon Users for an easy to follow guide through the system with screen shots.


As a Liaison, when you get a request from a Member to join your Group, please make sure that as well as their name you make a note of their MEMBERSHIP NUMBER.
You will not be able to enter them on your Beacon group list using their name, YOU CAN ONLY USE THEIR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER. We have configured Beacon this way as we do have members with identical names#.