Canterbury & District

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  • This page is for current members of Canterbury & District u3a;
  • If you want to join us for the first time please refer to the Join Us page of this web site
  • To renew your membership go to our Renewals page
  • To access the data we hold about you, visit our Beacon database page noting that when asked for your SURNAME you must type it in UPPER CASE.

***Changing Coronavirus arrangements***

  • Face to face meetings and courses are now taking place in both the summer and Autumn 2021 programmes. Some courses are being delivered via Zoom or email, depending on the preferences of the course leader.
  • Members are receiving emails (or letters if you are not an email user) giving details of what is on offer and how to apply.
  • The Orange St office is now open and is manned Wednesday and Thursday 11 am to 1 pm. Messages can now be left on the answer phone.
  • See also links on right hand side of this page.

•••Wonderful new programme of Courses and Activities for 2021-22 Autumn/Winter now available.***
To browse the list on offer and to apply to join, go to our Courses page.

***Help with Zoom***
Last Autumn/Winter we ran our video conference courses and activities using the system Zoom. The majority of members used it for the first time and were reassured how easy it was to use. However, if you still haven't used it yet and the course you want to join is on Zoom, there is still time to acquaint yourself with it. As with anything new, it pays to spend a little time finding out how to use it. Get ready for your first meeting by following these instructions to Join Zoom. You will need to do it some time in advance of the meeting.