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We welcome new members to our u3a who are in their Third Age as described on our Welcome page. In the COVID-19 pandemic all face-to–face meetings were cancelled and we ran some courses by Zoom and had virtual monthly meetings on Wednesday afternoons with a Speaker, also by Zoom. Since the Summer 2021 programme courses have been on both Zoom and face to face. Our Chair runs weekly chat sessions and members are welcome to join them - just contact the Chair.

Our membership year runs from the 1st March to the end of February the following year. The current annual Subscription is £20 or £40 for joint membership for two people living at the same address. No reduction is made if you are a member of another u3a. If you join after the 1st November your membership is automatically extended to the end of February of the year after next. In a normal year a Course Fee is also charged for each course attended but as a special concession, because of COVID-19, in the year 2022-23 no course fees are currently being charged. The committee will keep this under review and decide when charging will become necessary to maintain a sustainable financial position.

We take great care to look after and use our members’ personal data, which is retained in our database called Beacon. More information can be found on our Statement on Data Protection. In joining our u3a members are deemed to accept our Privacy Policy 2019 (please click on the link to read it) and to comply with our Terms and Conditions of Membership.

If you have previously been a member of Canterbury and District u3a but your membership has lapsed, you do not need to rejoin. Instead go to the Renewals page and renew your membership.

How to join our u3a:
You may join on-line, by email or by post as described below.
You can also join by coming in person to one of our Joining Days.
For those who would like to discuss aspects of joining before committing themselves please feel free to contact the Membership Secretary.

Join on-line
In applying to join on-line you are deemed to comply with our terms and conditions and accept how we manage your personal data, as described above.

When using the on-line application form the following notes will help you:

  • Select either Individual Membership or Joint Membership if your partner or friend lives at the same address and wishes to join. If that person is already a member of our u3a please also email our Membership Secretary directly with his/her membership number so our records can be updated.
  • Enter your Forename with an initial capital letter.
  • Your SURNAME needs to be all in capital letters
  • In the “Known as“ box insert either your Christian name or preferred forename
  • The emergency contact box may be left blank if desired
  • Please tick the box if you are a UK tax payer and wish u3a to claim Gift Aid on your subscription
  • You will need to allow 24 hours before applying for courses as your details may not be recognised until then.

After completing the application form and clicking the “Make Payment” button you will be asked to pay the subscription using PayPal with a valid debit or credit card (a PayPal account is not required to do this), or your personal PayPal account. On successful completion of payment you will receive a receipt from PayPal and on pressing the “Return to Merchant” button, you will also receive a receipt from our u3a showing the expiry date of your membership. In due course the Membership Secretary will arrange for you to receive our Welcome Pack.

To join now click on the Join-u3a link, which will take you from our website to the on-line application form on the Beacon system.

By Email
Click on this link Application Form 2022-23 to download the form. Print it off and complete it. If you are a UK tax payer and are willing for us to claim Gift Aid on your subscription please tick the box on the application form. After completing the form as appropriate, please scan it and return it to the Membership Secretary by email ( You will need to pay your Subs by on-line banking into our bank account - details to be found on the application form - and advise the Membership Secretary by email when you have done so. The Membership Secretary will acknowledge your application when payment has been confirmed, and will advise you of your membership number. You will also receive a welcome pack.

By Post
Download the form as described above. and post it together with your cheque for the Subs made payable to “u3a Canterbury & District” to the Membership Secretary at the address shown at the end of the application form. If you are unable to download the form please telephone our office and leave a message for the Membership Secretary with your full contact details.

Special Case
If you are a current member of another u3a, please complete the on line application form and payment as above, but also advise the Membership Secretary that you have applied to join us and say the name of the other u3a. Please note that we do not offer a reduced membership rate if you are a member of another u3a.