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I imagine none of us were surprised when Boris announced that the easing of restrictions would be delayed until July 19th. Sadly this does mean we have to cancel the picnic on July 14th as there were a large number of members wishing to attend. This would have been so lovely and such a joy to meet up after this very long period of not meeting. I am really sorry but the current rule is that just 30 people can meet outdoors. Hopefully the August picnic will be able to go ahead and be an event we can all look forward to.

The courses team are working on the Autumn/Winter courses programme. Ursula will be meeting with tutors to discuss the way forward. It will be exciting to see what courses are on offer. We are so fortunate in having some brilliant tutors who share their knowledge with us. Special thanks are due to them for continuing on Zoom during the lockdown.

We went to see a play in London at the weekend, the half empty theatre (covid restrictions) really brought home the difficulty the entertainment world faces. The play Love Letters starred Martin Shaw and Jenny Seagrove both of whom would draw a full house under normal circumstances.

I know quite a number of our members are really battling with serious health problems. To all of you I send a hug and very warm wishes.

Please take care!

We will meet again! and very soon I hope!

Very best wishes