Canterbury & District

Beacon database

  • We use the u3a approved database system called Beacon to hold data about members.
  • Any member can access the database. This page tells you how to login so you can view and edit the data we hold. Note that you cannot see your Gift Aid status with our u3a.
  • For any queries, including about Gift Aid, contact the Membership secretary.

Accessing Beacon
This is done via the Members Portal.
You will need the following identification details to hand.

  • Your 4-digit membership number.
  • Forename.
  • SURNAME - this must be typed in UPPER CASE letters (capital letters).
  • Postcode.
  • email address

Clicking on the link below will take you to the Members Portal. When you have finished there is a link to take you back from Beacon to this website.
Link to the Members Portal page.