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Renewals in 2020

Three options are available for you to renew your membership in 2020. You can pay by Bank Transfer or send us a cheque and details of how to do that are on the renewal invitation sent to you in January either by post or by email.
You can also choose to renew online. This is possible because we use our administrative system Beacon for storing your details and handling the renewals. Please note that payments are only possible during the renewal period which is 27 Jan to 29 Feb 2020 and can only be made for subscription renewals.

To renew online first make sure that you have the following identification details to hand ready to type them into the system. They are all shown on your renewal invitation. Please type carefully as the system is case sensitive. You must use upper case letters (capital letters) and lower case letters exactly as shown on that invitation.

  • Membership number - 4-digit number.
  • Forename - as on the invitation.
  • SURNAME - be careful to use UPPER CASE letters as shown on your renewal invitation.
  • Postcode - UPPER CASE letters plus digits.
  • email address - as on the invitation.

You will need your credit card details also. For your security, payment is made via the company PayPal. Your credit card details are not stored in our own local database. You will supply your credit card details to PayPal. They take the money and pass it on to us via our Beacon system. You do not need an account with Paypal although you can use yours if you do have one. To pay without an account, when you are on the PayPal webpage click the button marked Pay by debit/credit card. For more information about the company see the PayPal website.

If your payment is successful you will receive an email from PayPal. You will also receive one from our Beacon system with your membership card included. It is useful to print that out.

Between 27 Jan and 29 Feb you can renew by following this link to the Members Portal on the Beacon system.
Payment must be received by 29th February.