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Introducing a New Initiative
...The U3A Robot Constructors' Challenge

Robot Are there any mechanical or electrical constructors in the U3A movement, maybe within Science groups, who like to build small items as projects? We are proposing a new initiative where particular project builds can be capable of moving and being controlled, and are pitted against each other in a series of challenges.

The constructions can be in the form of a moving “robot” of whatever form, subject to some simple rules, but capable of being adapted for each of the challenges. You may have heard of “Raspberry Pi”, “Arduino” or “Picaxe”, which are all programmable devices, and will aid the use of sensors being used for the more advanced challenges. So, the challenge will clearly be of interest to coding creators too, but this experience is not essential.

The venue for the first Challenge will be at the White Eagle Club in Stafford (ST16 3TH) on 3rd October 2019. We hope this will generate a lot of interest within the U3A Science & Technology or practical constructional groups. Some Update notes can be found at this link: Robot Challenge Update.

We’d like to see this as an opportunity for budding robot builders and coders as well as some of the more experienced of you to come together for a day of challenges with your constructions.

How To Register your Interest. We'd like you to register your interest in this event to give time for participating teams to be formed and the “robots” to be built to meet the challenges, so please register on Eventbrite (for free). Link to the Eventbrite webpage for the event here: Eventbrite Link.

Alternatively, please contact Barry James at, who can explain more and can send you all the documentation if you require. He'll need to know your contact details and the U3A you're a member of.

Remote Control Challenges

Challenge Course #1Challenge Course #2Challenge Course #3Challenge Course #4Challenge Course #5

For further details about some of the specific challenge tasks we have planned, click on Remote Control Challenges.


There are, of course, some basic rules for this challenge. These can be seen by clicking on Rules.

(These Challenge & Rules documents will also be supplied to anyone replying to the Cannock Chase U3A Gmail address above).