Cannock Chase


This page contains reports - or links to reports - from visits and meetings etc., such as the minutes
of Annual General Meetings (AMGs), policy documents or links, etc.

Policy Documents

Visit Reports

2019 Annual General Meeting, Tuesday 9th April

  • The AGM for 2018 was held in Victory Hall Slitting Mill. Th minutes will be published here in due course, together with Special Interest Groups' reports, the first of which is the Drawing & Painting Group, as follows:

"The painting & drawing group is now 3 years old. We are a friendly chatty group of mixed abilities and cover drawing in pencil and ink, watercolours, pastels with a wide variety of subjects ranging from still life to landscape and abstract. The members have chance to develop their own styles and bring ideas to the group along with learning techniques from the demos given. If anyone is interested please contact Jill Heaps, Group Leader in the first instance".

2018 Annual General Meeting, Tuesday 10th April

  • The AGM for 2018 was held in Victory Hall Slitting Mill. To view the minutes of this meeting, click here: 2018 AGM Minutes.

2017 Annual General Meeting, Tuesday 11th April

  • The AGM for 2017 was held in Victory Hall Slitting Mill. The minutes from this meeting, the Special Interest Groups' Reports, and the 2016/2017 Accounts, may be obtain if required from the chairman.

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