Camelot Area

Forthcoming Events

Monthly meetings are held at the Caryford Hall Ansford Castle Cary, usually, on the last Friday of the month

Starting at 2.30 we have a guest speaker for a short talk and then finish with Tea, Coffee & biscuits.

Dates for your Diary

JANUARY TALK "The Battle of Sedgemoor 1865"
A talk given by James Porter - Army Lieutenant Colonel (retired)

Sedgemoor in 1685 was the last battle fought on English soil and is a fine example of a daring surprise attack, a well-organised defence and a close-run battle. A different outcome might have led to a change of monarch and a different national path.


FEBRUARY TALK - "Award Winning Gardening – the inside story."
A talk given by Katherine Crouch - BBC Gardener of the Decade and Chelsea Gold winner.

From my upbringing in the Lake District in the 1960’s to my current residence in Somerset, I have always been interested in gardening. All my family are keen gardeners, so when I left home for life in Glasgow where I studied Product Design at the Glasgow School of Art, it was only natural to go armed with pots of herbs and the obligatory student Swiss cheese plant. After graduating in 1982 I lived in Argyll for a year. In Scotland I was a film extra for a while – you can see my dead body in the heather in ‘Highlander’. Then I moved to Greece for three years where I worked on sailing yachts but still retained an interest in gardening by helping the old ladies pot up their pelargoniums and basil for the summer display. This feral lifestyle has ruined me for enduring a proper job ever since.

I continue to design gardens and give many garden club talks. One of my favourites is about how I won the BBC Gardener of the Year in 1999. I play this strictly for laughs. By the end you will know the truth about Charlie Dimmock’s underwear and whether Alan Titchmarsh really dyes his hair. I might mention plants as well!

I also won BBC Gardener of the Decade in 2008. A pity it wasn’t such a big deal as The Great British Bake-off...

'My Chelsea Adventure' describes winning Gold at Chelsea Flower Show for Kings Seeds at our first attempt 2013, despite a tiny budget, a car crash and vandalism. Which the press took no notice of at all, as it was only in the Centennial Evolving Garden zone, and not a posh show garden.