Cambourne & District


We publish short news bulletins once a month, usually shortly before our monthly meeting, with brief report on activities and information about upcoming events.

When new newsletters and bulletins are available, members will be informed by email; in addition, a very limited printed copies of the most recent newsletter or bulletin will be available at the monthly meeting.

The latest issue online is Bulletin 066 - the one for June 2024.

You might be interested in signing up for the U3A Trust's own newsletter, with news and information of relevance to all U3As. You can sign up here:

Finally, some (but not all) editions of Third Age Matters (TAM) magazine are available for online reading; you can find these using the link above, or by typing into your browser. If you want to receive your own printed copy of this by post (it comes out 5 times a year) contact the Membership Secretary. (And if you no longer wish to receive a copy, you can save the U3A money and reduce waste by letting the membership secretary know!) Once you have finished with your copy of Third Age Matters, please recycle it or pass it on at one of our meetings.