Cambourne & District


About Cambourne & District U3A
The U3a is a charitable educational trust, set up under the umbrella of the Third Age Trust. The Charitable purpose of this trust is "the advancement of education, and in particular the education of older people and those who are retired from full time work, by all means including associated activities conducive to learning and personal development, in Cambourne and its surrounding locality."

The constitution (a copy of which can be inspected at our monthly meetings and at the AGM) establishes an executive committee whose members act as the trustees. The initial members of the executive committee will stand until the first AGM, at which time the membership will vote to ratify the constitution and to elect a new committee - for which the initial committee members can choose to stand. Following our 2020 AGM the current committee members are:

Kathleen ThompsonChairman
Ann MeadVice Chair
Colin NormanTreasurer
(post unocupied)Secretary
Nigel Day
Christine Tyler

Our constitution and other policy documents are also available for download - see the 'Links' area of this page.


In any organisation, there are lots of jobs to do! And you don't have to be on the executive committee to help - we are always looking for volunteers to assist! Here's some of the hats people wear:

Membership SecretaryAnn Mead
Marketing & PublicityKathleen Thompson
Group Coordinatorvolunteer wanted!
WebmasterNigel Day
Newsletter editorChristine Tyler
Speaker SecretaryChristine Tyler
Refreshments OrganiserCaroline Adams

There are also a number of people who help with one or more of groups; if you are able to join the ranks of these, visit the Groups page and follow the instructions!