Ask Yourself

Ask yourself:-
Why do you want to know the history of your family?
How much do you want to know?
How do you intend recording what you find out?
What will you do with the information ?
To do
1. Identify What You Already Know About Your Family
Assemble appropriate forms to record Information.
Recall and record Information about your family.
Gather Information within your family.
Copy Information from family documents or records.
Organize records, documents, and family memorabilia.

2. Decide What You Want To Learn About Your Family
Identify people for whom there Is Insufficient Information.
Choose one person to learn more about .
Identify questions to answer about the person .
Select one question as the research objective.
Prepare a research log.

3. Select A Record To Search
Identify major categories of records available to search.
Select specific record(s) to search.
Describe the record on a Research Log.

4. Obtain And Search The Record
Obtain the record.
Search the record.
Record the results.

5. Use The Information
Evaluate the Information found.
Transfer the Information
Organize newly acquired records.
Share your family history with others.