Callander & West Perthshire


If you have any problems with travel, access to our venues, difficulty hearing or anything else, please remember that we are all here to help each other enjoy u3a to the full - so contact Alexandra Russell for help and advice. She has kindly taken on this role. Complete the form under the CONTACT tab and remember to select the Interest Group Enquiries button and explain what support you would like.

Free 24hr legal helpline. The Third Age Trust pays for legal advice, free to all u3a members. This is a telephone helpline run by ARC Legal Assistance in partnership with Irwin Mitchell, Solicitors. Advice will be given on all aspects of law and there is no limit to the number of calls any one member can make. Telephone 03447 701040 and quote "u3a Legal Helpline" stating that you do not have an insurance number.

Do you have an antique clock that needs repairing? Anything with a pendulum undertaken and work is carried out free of charge by Peter Mehta. (A donation to a suitable good cause such as Callander & West Perthshire Rotary Club's charity account is always welcomed!). Complete the form under the CONTACT tab and remember to provide details about your antique clock.

Computers B**** computers. If any member needs help with a PC, tablet, i-Pad or similar device, please get in touch with Philip Reece-Heal. Complete the form under the CONTACT tab and explain what device you have and what support or assistance you need.

Spot an error or want to amend something on our branch website? Contact the Web Manager via the form on the CONTACT tab.