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Computing Guides

These guides describe a range of basic computing techniques.
Click on any bold type to open a link to the guide.

Apple Ipads an introduction
Taking a picture and emailing it
IPad user manual website Ipad Guide
Using Skype phone/Video links

Excel 1 Addition of a simple column of numbers
Excel 2 Multiple columns and use of simple formulae.
Excel 3 Continuous additions to columns and running totals
Excel 4 Investments and savings calculations
Excel 5 Passwords; how to protect your Word and Excel
documents using passwords.
Excel 6 Investment Spreadsheet How to total your investment savings
Excel Charts using Office 2007 or later

1997/2003 Inserting Inserting multiple Photographs
2007 or later Inserting multiple Photographs

Keyboard Shortcuts Short Cut Keyboard Commands Quick editing techniques using the keyboard.
Icons Desktop/Start/Edge/Notification Icons
Graphics Collage Create your own Photo Collage Page
Transfer Photos to a Memory stick
Video Intro to windows 10
Windows 10 An introduction to the front pages and Filing System
Do More with Windows 10
Make Windows 10 your own
What’s new in Windows 10
Do more with Office Online
Learn to navigate Windows 10
Manage your email with