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Newsletters are produced for most months of the year and can be accessed by clicking on the links shown on this page.

The Newsletter contains accounts of past events and outings from all groups.


All U3A Group Members

From 17th July, 2021:
1. Up to 6 people can meet inside in private homes and holiday accommodation.
2. Organised indoor events can take place for up to 1000 seated and up to 200 standing.

From 7th August, 2021:
1. No limit on number of people who can meet indoors.
2. Face coverings still required by law inside most public places and on public transport.
3. No law on social distancing – venues will have to carry out risk assessments.
4. Please be advised that as an organisation we will still need to follow TAT guidelines and
the guidelines at the venues we use. The plans for 7th August could be changed if the covid
data causes concern.
5. If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 please do not attend.
6. Your Convenor will also complete a Track and Trace Register which needs to have each
members name and telephone number. This is a Welsh Government Regulation and has to be
completed at each event.
7. Only those members who renewed their Membership in 2021 are eligible to attend.

The completed Track and Trace Register will also be put on file with Convenor and kept for at least three weeks, in the event that someone contracts Covid-19, then everyone at the event will need to be contacted and advised to follow the Welsh Assembly regulations. Rob will, from time to time, request access to these records on behalf of Caldicot and District u3a.
Our aim is that Caldicot and District U3A will be open for business as soon as possible and that groups can re-start for social purposes, i.e. picnic, chat or coffee break, so that we can meet up and catch up. Therefore the usual activity may not take place.

Finally ,Convenors, and members please obey the regulations, which are non-negotiable, to ensure that we keep each other safe and healthy, so that we can continue to meet regularly through the next few months, when the weather allows.