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8th October 2019 Group Leaders Page in development

In order to collect together the information and forms which Group Leaders need, this page has been opened. The pages from which the information comes will remain in place for the next 2/3 months. They will then be amended or closed.
An email has been sent to the Group Leaders asking for comments. The format of the page may change when these are received.
email address for comments: banddu3awebmaster@gmail.com


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Group Registers - this link will take you to the Group Registers page

Travel Expenses Claim Form (Excel)

Travel Expenses Claim Form (PDF)


Latest Equipment Register

Managing Equipment Hire or Purchase

How to apply for equipment for a group

Application for equipment purchase

Application for equipment purchase WP - this version can be used with a word processor

Electrical Equipment used by Groups

Setting up the PA System

Copyrighted Material

Advisory Notes re Copyrighted Material

MPLC Licence - copyright compliance for playing DVDs and downloads

CLA Licence - a licence to make copies from books etc.

Social Events

Procedure for financing Social Events

Implementing the financial procedure



Safeguarding-Guidelines for Members

Risk Management


Notes for Speakers at Monthly Meetings

Buxton U3A Trustees Code of Conduct