Buxton & District

Handbook contents

(Tracking your Family History)


Part 1 Where to start with your Family History

Part 2 Information from Civil Registration certificates

Part 3 Looking after your records

Part 4 Information held at the County Records Offices

Part 5 Census records

Part 6 Where to find what information

Part 7 Preparation for a visit to a record office

Part 8 Computer Family History Programs

Part 9 On Line Genealogy

Part 9A On Line Genealogy : Newsgroups

Part 9B On Line Genealogy : Mailing Lists

Part 9C On Line Genealogy : Web Sites

Part 9D On Line Genealogy : Databases on CD

Part 9E Pay to View Family History Sites

Part 10 Other Sources of Information

Part 11 Churchyards, Cemeteries and Crematoriums

Part 12 Wills And Administrations

Part 13 Taxes and Manorial records

Part 14 Searching for your Irish Ancestry

Part 14A Irish Emigration

Part 15 DNA and Genealogy

Part 16 Palaeography i.e. old handwriting to you and me

Part 17 Military Records

Part 17A Uniforms and Badges

Part 18 Transport

Part 19 Education

Part 20 Social Welfare

Part 20A Poor Law

Part 21 Trade & Occupation

Part 21A Occupations

Part 21B Agricultural Labourers

Part 22 Maps

Part 23 Writing up your Family History

Part 23A All about ‘me’

Part 24 Photographs & other Memories

Part 24A Dating old photographs

Part 25 Oral History

Part 26 Tracing a Missing Person

Part 27 Surnames

Part 28 Searching for your American Ancestors

Part 29 Scottish Clan system

App 1 Mail Order suppliers

App 2 Family History Societies

App 3 Specialist Museums in the UK

App 4 Perpetual Calendar

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Interests Members interests

Sources Sources of information held by members