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Information from previous meetings

The following is a list of almost all previous talks and events. Except for the most recent ones, documents such as notes and PowerPoint presentations have been removed to save space but are available from the group leader on request.

Date TopicLeader, notes or linkLink or reference
29 May 2020GoldPeter WilliamsGold talk
21 Feb 2020How to build a pipelineBrian KirmanPipeline
17 Jan 2020Leonardo da VinciSimon RogersonLeonardo da Vinci
15 Nov 2019ChernobylMarge Rose
18 Oct 2019Big Bang and AtomsBrian Powling
14 Aug 2019Trip to the Timekeeping Museum
19 Jul 2019Moons of the Outer Solar SystemHazel McDougall
21 Jun 2019Aesop's Medical FablesMarion Overton
17 May 2019150 years of the Periodic TableDavid Hedley
15 Mar 2019The B-tree IndexRon Price
15 Feb 2019The Placebo EffectMarge Rose
18 Jan 2019RelativityBrian Powling
27 Nov 2018Vital Earth trip
16 Nov 2018Bipedal LocomotionNick Allen
19 Oct 2018Tourism & TechnoloySimon Rogerson
21 Sep 2018Astro navigationJohn Newton
17 Aug 2018Climate in PerspectiveKeith Gordon
20 Jul 2018Machine LearningTim Yates
15 Jun 2018Fits, Faints & FallsMarion Overton
20 Apr 2018IsomerismLinda Estruch
16 Mar 2018PlasticsAndy Gilbert
16 Feb 2018AlgorithmsSimon Rogerson
19 Jan 2018Philosophy of ScienceBrian Powling
17 Nov 2017Chaotic Fun with FractalsPeter Smith
20 Oct 2017Which drug's best for that cancer?Peter Crowther
15 Sep 2017Nuclear Fusion - Free Energy for AllJohn Estruch
18-Aug-2017Cancer - preventable? - A death sentence?Marion Overton
21-Jul-2017MicrobiomeBrian Powling
16-Jun-2017Memories of a Big Electronic BrainJohn Crowther
21-Apr-2017Physics of RadiotherapyPeter Williams
17-Mar-2017A Brief History of the UniverseNigel Sangster
17-Feb-2017How aeroplanes flyKen Harvey
20-Jan-2017Epigenetics 2Brian Powling
16-Dec-2016Christmas PartyMarge Rose
18-Nov-2016Science of Bread MakingAnn Clark
21-Oct-2016The Aquatic Ape TheoryDave Rose
27-Sep-2016Trip to the World of Glass
16-Sep-2016ForensicsJon Wright
15-Apr-2016A Perspective on ClimateKeith Gordon
18-Mar-2016My favourite elementVarious speakers
19-Feb-2016Evidence for EvolutionMarge & Dave Rose
15-Jan-2016Are two hemispheres better than one?Ruth Webster
18-Dec-2015Informal partyGroup members
20-Nov-2015EpigeneticsBrian Powling
15-Oct-2015Applying Maths to the New TestamentRon Price
18-Sep-2015Alternative EnergyPeter Williams
21-Aug-2015Trip to the Space CentreLeicester
17-Jul-2015BotanyElaine Radford
19-Jun-2015Where did I put my glasses?Marion Overton
15-May-2015Why are snowflakes hexagons?Michael Wharmby
17-Apr-2015Buxton Brewery Trip
20-Mar-2015Ageing and the EyeNorma Ayres
20-Feb-2015Science 50 years onMike Monaghan
16-Jan-2015What is yellow?John Estruch
21-Nov-2014The Longitude PrizeSimon Rogerson
17-Oct-2014Scientific theoryBrian Powling
19-Sep-2014Mathematical CuriositiesPeter Williams
15-Aug-2014Meeting cancelleddue to non-availability of meeting room
20-Jun-2014Tropical Seas, Deltas & SwampsAnn Webb
16-May-2014Twins and Multiple BirthsMarion Overton
11-Apr-2014FrackingCharles Jolly
21-Feb-2014A Short History of Photographic Processes - up to 1900Mike Ware
20-Dec-2013Sub-atomic particles (and anti-particles)John Estruch
16-Nov-2013Trip to Fab LabReport and photos
15-Nov-2013Graphene - the wonder productAnn Clark & Linda Estruch
18-Oct-2013Genetic Engineers never dieJohn Walsh
20-Sep-2013Vaccinations and ImmunisationsMarion Overton
16-Aug-2013Radiation ProtectionMarge Rose
21-Jun-2013Drug DevelopmentAngela Milne
17 May 2013Nuclear FissionJohn Estruch
19 Apr 2013History of ElectronicsDavid Hedley
15 Mar 2013Visit to Jodrell Bank
15 Feb 2013Mobile TechnologySimon Rogerson
18 Jan 2013The Lifecycle of starsNigel Sangster
21 Dec 20123D PrintersViv Doyle
16 Nov 2012Medical ScannersMarge Rose
19 Oct 2012Higgs BosonJohn Estruch

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