Buxton & District


News about Buxton and District U3A is issued via the following routes:

1. Notices that appear on the right-hand side of our Welcome page.
2. Ad Hoc Updates which are emailed to all who have signed up to receive 'breaking news' this way - see Sign Up to Ad-Hoc-Update. Past Ad Hoc Updates are archived at Ad Hoc Update.
3. Newslink - our triannual newsletter that is posted to those who wish to have a hard copy. An electronic version ("e-Newslink") is sent to all who have given their email addresses to the Membership Secretary; e-Newslinks are archived on our website at Newslinks.
4. Verbal announcements and postings on the Noticeboard at our Monthly Meetings (which are listed on Events).
5. Events page, which is a diary of activities (some non-U3A) which may be of interest to B&D U3A members.
6. Announcements by Group Leaders to their group members at the request of the Committee.
7. Groups List which is a regular update summary of contact information for our Groups.

  • We aim to pair up an 'ebuddy' for those with no Internet access so they may be kept in the News loop.

If you have an email address and are receiving printed copies of Newslink, please consider changing to receiving e-Newslink to help reduce our costs.