Buxton & District

What Being An Occasional Helper Entails

Each and every occasional job has a clearly defined job description that sets out the frequency of the job and exactly what the job entails. The name,telephone number and email address of the Committee Member who needs your support is provided so that you have a point of contact.

When a Committee Member needs help,it may be for a one-off job or it may be for a job that needs more regular attention. In either case, the 'Co-ordinator of Occasional Helpers' will refer to the Occasional Helpers' List to find a prospective helper. The prospective helper will be contacted and if receptive will be sent a copy of the Job Description. Not everyone has the skills or the time to commit to that particular role and helpers are most certainly not expected to take on a job that makes them feel unhappy so it is quite okay to refuse if you are not within your comfort zone. We have a long list of Helpers and are bound to find someone to help.

The idea of Occasional Helpers is quite new to our organization and is a huge learning curve that we will travel together, improving and modifying as we go along.

The Buxton & District U3A Committee welcomes and appreciates your support