Buxton & District

Help with Zoom

Help to join with Zoom:

Click on the link to the talk received in your email and note that you have to click the button - 'join with Computer Audio' and also 'allow your computer video to be used'.

The chair will be muting all participants before the meeting starts officially, but ideally it is best if you Mute yourself after you have entered the room. In large group meetings extraneous noises can distort the sound for others.

After the talk there will be an opportunity to ask questions. You can do this in 3 ways:

1. under the label 'participants' there is a little blue hand symbol. If you press this I will know that you want to ask a question and invite you to speak. Before speaking, please remember to unmute yourself by pressing the microphone symbol on your screen.

2. There is a 'chat' button on your screen and you can type in your question, which I will then read out for you.

3. Put your hand up and hopefully I will see you!

The talk will be recorded if possible and a link will be emailed to you if the speaker gives permission. There will be a limited time to access the recording.

Although the camera will mainly be focused on the speaker you could be caught in screen in passing. If you are uncomfortable with this just switch your video camera off. This will not affect your enjoyment of the talk in any way.