Buxton & District

Risk Management

January 2020

Risk management forms part of our internal control and governance arrangements and it is acknowledged that efficient and effective management is important in order for us to achieve our charitable objectives.

Buxton and District U3A has reviewed potential risks and has systems and procedures in place to mitigate these and minimise the potential impact should any of them materialise.

About half of our Groups use public venues for their meetings. If a Group Leader has a concern about any safety aspect, one of the checklists noted below should be completed and given to a Committee Member.

Walking Groups - Group Leaders attention is drawn to the assessment form below as well as the link to "Walking Group Guidelines"

Groups meeting at Member's home - an extract from the Third Age Trust Web Site is shown:

"If a U3A uses a member’s home to hold an interest group or run a meeting, is it covered for Public Liability?

Yes, subject to the normal test of legal liability. Injury or damage sustained due to a defect in the property is the legal responsibility of the house owner/occupier and cover is provided under householder insurance"

Venue Risk Assessment
Venue Day of Use
Walk Leader Risk Assessment
Workshop Risk Assessment
Group Walking Guidelines