Burton Joyce & District


{Here are a selection of comments made by BJU3A members about the group in January 2019}.

  • “I have enjoyed so many of this year’s U3A activities and made lots of new friends. The trips to the University have been most interesting and the Keukenhof trip was wonderful. The walks are very enjoyable and the Bridge and Canasta sessions are most informative, giving me a new social skill. The group leaders, and the group co-ordinator, must be congratulated on their hard work in organising the activities which are so much enjoyed by so many people. Being a member of BJU3A is wonderful".
  • “December Christmas Party Meeting: wonderful tear-jerking carols and Christmas songs singing from Burton Joyce Primary School choir!” “The most enjoyable times I have with the U3A are with the Table Tennis Group, as it is good exercise and really, really good fun, I love it!”
  • “I so much enjoyed the 'Classinacoat' lecture back in March. I had just joined and it made me realise that the BJU3A was really fun and interesting.”
  • “I think the 10th Birthday Celebration said every thing about Burton Joyce U3A ,friendship, commitment, dedication and how lucky we are in Burton Joyce to have members at all levels willing to work to make it such a success. Thank you BJU3A; I feel privileged to be a member.”
  • “As I've only just joined BJ U3A as an Associate Member, I'm not able to comment on monthly meetings but or what I can see are the great activities organised for and by members. I would, however, like to comment that the New Members' Meeting, which I attended recently, was a very well organised, welcoming and friendly affair with good information and pleasant conversation with Committee members and others. Thank you! I look forward to the coming year of membership.”
  • “This year l felt my overriding joy was the people l met and the warm friendships that developed.”
  • “As we are new to the area (and the U3A) it has been a pleasure to meet new, friendly people as we enjoy lovely country walks to the pub. Very friendly and welcoming.”
  • ” “Meeting lots of new people, joining in aerobics, Pétanque, art visits, hearing interesting speakers and enjoying a range of visits. All this and more! Thanks to all who make it happen!”
  • “I have particularly enjoyed the friendship, help and goodwill from members of BJU3A during 2018.”
  • “As a very new member I have not yet had time to join any of the groups but would like to comment on the arrangements for new members. I have been most impressed with the thought and care given to welcoming and the information provided. The size of the organisation and wonderful things on offer could be quite intimidating. A lot of thought has been given to making this as easy as possible. Well done.”