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Come and Learn, Laugh and Live with Burntwood and District U3A!

A very warm welcome to the web-site of Burntwood and District U3A.

Burntwood is in south Staffordshire, located between Lichfield and Cannock, with a population of 26,000 at the time of the 2001 census (now closer to 30,000). Nearby places include Brownhills, Hammerwich, Cannock Wood, Norton Canes, Gentleshaw and Cannock.

The town is home to the smallest park in the UK located near Christchurch at the junction of Farewell Lane. In September 2009, a Burntwood man Terry Herbert discovered a buried pile of Saxon treasure with a metal detector, known as The Saxon Hoard.

A more recent notable resident Stephen Sutton MBE, blogger and charity fund activist, became famous for his fund raising efforts for the Teenage Cancer trust.

Burntwood and District U3A is relatively new , having held its inaugural meeting in July 2015 then accepted into full membership in December of that year.

A monthly meeting is held, usually on the third Thursday of every month, at Chasetown Methodist Church, Lawnswood Avenue, WS7 4YE. These start at 2 pm and a fee of £1.50 on entry is used in part to cover the costs of room hire and refreshments. Please refer to the events page on the web site, as dates of meetings and events sometimes change.

Like all U3As we are run by the members for the members. Please refer to the Groups page to see what groups are available and their meeting details. Groups can be run by an individual or a group of members. If you have a particular hobby or interest that you wish to share, then please let our Group Co-ordinator know, and we can help you set up a group. This could be for a limited amount of time or on-going.

Prospective members are allowed to attend two monthly meetings and/or up to two activity sessions. During or at the end of this period continued involvement with U3A is subject to application and acceptance into U3A. Any further non member engagement may compromise the conditions of U3A's insurances.

Annual membership of Burntwood U3A costs £12 (£6 if you are already a member of another U3A).

A small charge 20p is payable for each activity attended in support of the U3A's administration costs. This is included in the charge for each activity. Activity charging is based upon the costs (room hire, refreshments etc.) of providing premises for the activity.

A monthly Newsletter is circulated by email with the latest news and events.

Communication from members/prospective members and the administration of U3A is via the Contacts page button on the top line of the Welcome page