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Newsletters are published at approximately 2-monthly intervals. Below are links to the latest three newsletters with further newsletters available via the "Newsletters" link.
Articles from members are always welcome - please contact the Newsletter Editor via the "Contacts" page.

Issue 24: November 2019
Issue 23: September 2019
Issue 22: July 2019

Membership Forms

Two membership forms are linked below. The first provides access to the membership form for the remainder of 2019 and the second provides access to the 2020 membership form.

2019 Membership Form (Half-Year)
2020 Membership Form

Current Constitution

Current Constitution

GDPR (Generalised Data Protection Regulations) Documents

Privacy Policy
Data Protection (GDPR) Policy
Legitimate Interest - Next of Kin (GDPR)

Other Policy Documents

Safeguarding Policy

Useful Phone Numbers and Call Charges

The link below will take you to a government web page listing key numbers e.g. emergency services, and also lists the call charges for key prefixes.

Call Charges