Example Wine Quiz

Answers are at bottom - No Peeking ahead!

1. What wine is in a bottle of Moet et Chandon
2. Which pair are byproducts of a wine's fermentation process?
A. Sulfites & Oxygen
B. Vinegar & Sugar
C. Alcohol & carbon dioxide
3. Claret wine is produced in the region surrounding which famous French city?
4. How does red wine mostly get its colour?
A. Artificial colouring
B. Contact with grape skins during fermentation
C. Crushing the grapes
D. Reaction from contact with the yeast
5. What is the normal volume capacity for a bottle of wine?
6. Which white wine is typically light in body, lower in alcohol, and frequently off-dry (slightly sweet)?
A. Chardonnay
B. Sauvignon Blanc
C. Riesling
7. In which part of the United States is the Zinfandel grape chiefly cultivated?
A. West Coast
B. The Rockies
C. East Coast
8. Which wine can be "Fino” or “Oloroso”?
9. Which white wine is typically full in body, frequently oaked, and known for a rich, buttery flavour?
A. Chardonnay
B. Sauvignon Blanc
C. Riesling
10. In which country are wines from the Barrosa Valley bottled

1. Champagne
2. C
3. Bordeaux
4. B
5. 75cl
6. C
7. A
8. Sherry
9. A
10. Australia