While face-to-face open meetings are not possible, we are presenting a series of talks for members using Zoom.
For details of talks in 2021, please refer to the Events page and Dates for your diary section.

Some of our group leaders are managing to keep their meetings going by using Zoom or other videoconferencing software. Other groups are using email for quizzes; jokes etc.; poetry; setting of work projects; and sharing of pertinent information relating to subject matter and entertainment. If you are a U3A member, and your group is not running, we may be able to add you as a temporary member of a group, depending on numbers as usual. If you are interested, please contact us.

Please stay safe and stay in touch with your friends. The committee will not be meeting face-to-face, but we will keep in touch with each other and keep you in touch with developments. We should not isolate ourselves, even if we are physically separate. The Third Age Trust website has a page about keeping in touch.

Go to the Links tab to view the website. U3A information on Coronavirus and keeping in touch.

Insurance information for Group Leaders and Members of the U3A

For further information and guidelines related to Bromsgrove U3A and the Ramblers Group as an activity, please click on the appropriate link.

New Members - Joining the Bromsgrove U3A

If you wish to join Bromsgrove U3A, please contact our Membership Secretary, by either using the message facility on this page, or send a message via the 'Contacts' page. We will provide you with an application form together with instructions on how to pay the membership fee. (For new members, the membership fee is £10.)

2021 Membership Renewal Subscriptions

It is now a requirement that existing members must complete on renewal a new membership form.

The form is available by contacting the Membership Secretary, by either using the message facility on this page, or by sending a message via the 'Contacts' page. You will be sent an application form, with instructions on how to pay your membership fee. (As we do not know when we will be able to resume meetings in the Artrix, the 2021 membership renewal fee will be £6.)

Notice for Members receiving information by email notifications

It has been reported that some members are not receiving Newsletters, Programmes or Information notices by email.

Following an investigation, it would appear that these notices are being delivered into members Junk/Spam folders.

Can you please check your Junk/Spam folders regularly for emails from the U3A.

If you find that the problem still exists, then please report to the Membership secretary or send a message via the 'Contacts' page.


This has been left in to give an idea of normal procedures when life returns to normal

Please note that fees now apply to anyone parking on this car park between 8am and 7pm, Monday to Sunday.

There is no option to pay for parking with cash.

Parking fees can only be paid by phone or online/app, using
Call 0330 400 7275

Location 802522

Alternatively, you can register your car in advance at, after which your car number plate will be recognised by cameras in the car park, and the appropriate fees will be debited from your account.

Up to four cars can be registered on one account, so a partner's or friend's vehicle can be added to the account. This offers a solution for members who cannot or feel they do not wish to register. Their registration number can be added to a friendly member's account and then cash can be given to repay the parking fee.

Please note. The College have confirmed that up to 15 minutes for pick up and drop off is free. Should you over run this 15minutes drop off period then if you have already registered your car details online, you will invoiced the appropriate parking fee. If you are not registered, a fine of £100.00 will be issued.

In addition - The Guild/Premier Inn has also introduced camera-controlled parking.
You are required to input your registration number at the bar when you park in this area.
Make sure you enter your registration correctly, or you will be fined a very large amount.
After registering, you can stay for three hours.
There is no charge, but the time cannot be extended.
Therefore, if you stay longer than three hours, the penalty fee will be charged.

Obviously, you are expected to be a customer of the Guild.

Committee meetings

To view the minutes generated from Committee meetings, please select by clicking on the appropriate link.