Photography Resources

This page is a list of people we have found interesting or useful. Nothing on this page is recommended or endorsed by the U3A. Nobody who is featured on this page has asked to be here and certainly nobody has paid for the entry.

Photographers to Follow

Expertvagabond (Instagram) Matt is a professional travel photographer and I love his photos

graham-shutterbugs (Instagram) Graham is a local professional photographer who teaches at the Folk House and takes walking tours around Bristol etc. Although he is well worth following (he is nowhere near as good at Matt – Expertvagabond) it is really interesting to compare the two.

Paula Graham. Paula is a local photographer – you may like her work, you may not.

FATman Adrian Lewis. Adrian is the retired professional wildlife photographer who has given us all our books. He posts a photo every day and they are worth looking at. Some are bizarre and some (especially from the Somerset Levels) are gorgeous.

Photographers to Sign Up for Emails

Mike Browne. Mike issues regular newsletters with 10 minute videos about certain techniques and skills. He is really easy to understand.

Digital Photography School. Sign up for free emails with useful tips and guidance.

Recommended Books

"Read This if You Want to Take Great Photographs", by Henry Carroll. This book has been recommended by one of our members as a very useful slim volume to carry around with you. Written for the amateur photographer and easy to follow. Costs about £10.

Photography Lessons

Emma Davies. Free on line course “A Year With My Camera” K/A AYWMC

The Folk House. This is an adult education centre. There are several courses covering different aspects of photography.

The Forge. This is an old forge just off Colston St. They have various workshops and sometimes there is one on photography.

Martin Edwards.Martin is a professional photographer and trainer. He offers tuition for individuals and small groups. He is very easy to understand

Andy Beel. Andy provides many different workshops and day tours.

Photography Day Trips and Holidays

LinkAge. FREE Photography walks for 55+ These are monthly free walks which anybody over 55 may join.

Graham Parish – Shutterbugs. Graham will lead half day local tours, covering such things as Street Photography. He also runs holidays in Morocco, Greece, Spain etc.

HF Holidays Ltd. These people organise walking holidays as well as photography holidays, mainly in the UK.

Andy Beel As above – Andy organises courses in Spain.

Photo Editing Software

Affinity -
Picasa Basic but free
Snapseed - for phones

Photo book recomendations

Colourland £12.99 for 100 pages

If you follow anybody or have enjoyed a photography holiday, course or lessons, do let me know so that we can share it with our members.

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