List of past Art Appreciation talks

Oct 11: Japanese Influence on Painting in 19th Century France (David Norris)
Oct 25: Velasquez – My Love Affair (Tricia Norton, Thornbury U3A)
Nov 8: Stanley Spencer – Cookham Feelings (David Ploss)
Nov 22: Vermeer – or not Vermeer? (Helen Moss)
Dec 6: From Russia with Love – from icon to icon (Robert Walters)
Jan 17: Wyndham Lewis: Art and War (Sheila Birtchnell)
Jan 31: Claude Lorrain (Carole Tapper)
Feb 14: Edward Hopper (Jenni Beddington, Weston-super-Mare U3A)
Feb 28: Framing the View: Art and the designed landscape (Judy Preston)
Mar 14: Cubism: the Aftermath (David Speedyman)
Mar 28: The Portrait: A Personal Examination (Pauline Rummens, Thornbury U3A)

Oct 10: From Bandaged Ear to Starry Night: Van Gogh 1889 (David Norris)
Oct 24: The Camden Town Group (David Ploss)
Nov 7: Harmony in the Home: architect-designers in the arts and crafts tradition (Helen Moss)
Nov 21: Sorolla, painter of Spanish light (Keith Ripley)
Dec 5: Nativity (Hazel Trapnell)
Jan 16: Entertainment (Robert Walters)
Jan 30: Artistic deceptions (Carole Tapper)
Feb 13: A stroll through galleries looking at art (Ann Taylor)
Feb 27: Turner – Monet – Whistler: comparison and influence (Chris Curnock, Weston-super-Mare U3A)
Mar 13: Fred Jackson and friends, English plein-air painters and others (Les Harper, Thornbury U3A)
Mar 27: The Romance and Fascination of Ruins (Judy Preston)

Oct 2: American Art Month: Henry Ossawa Tanner, 'Freedom to Paint' (Hazel Trapnell)
Oct 16: American Art Month: The Wyeth Dynasty in Pennsylvania and Maine (David Ploss)
Oct 30: American Art Month: Norman Rockwell, Illustrator of American life (Christine Rivett)
Nov 13: Gustave Caillebotte and Life in 1870s Paris (David Norris)
Nov 27: Satirical Illustrations before 1900 (Carole Tapper)
Dec 11: Keeping it in the Family (Robert Walters)
Jan 22: Kind of Blue: The Art of Gabriele Münter (Richard Bradley)
Feb 5: The Barbizon School (Keith Ripley)
Feb 19: Mirror image: self-portrait reflections of the artist at work (Helen Moss)
Mar 4: Space and colour in abstract art: Rothko and Kandinsky (Ken Marsh, Weston-super-Mare U3A)
Mar 18: ”And every dog his day”: cultural depictions of the domestic dog (Judy Preston)

Sep 30: Art Appreciation - a personal view (David Ploss)
Oct 14: "To Infinity...and Beyond!": the art of Kazimir Malevich (Richard Bradley)
Oct 28: The Coded Language of Art (Richard Norton, Thornbury U3A)
Nov 11: Prehistoric Art : reflections of life (Brenda Hugill)
Nov 25: Art from Norway (Hazel Trapnell)
Dec 9: Edward Lear, painter and traveller (Brian Etheridge, Thornbury U3A)
Jan 13: Children's Hour (Robert Walters)
Jan 27: Antoni Gaudi – God’s Architect (Christine Rivett)
Feb 10: Still life – a window on reality (Helen Moss)
Feb 24: René Magritte - the treachery of images (Margaret Power)
Mar 10: Aspects of Love and War (Chris Sage, Weston-super-Mare U3A)
Mar 24: Walter Spies and Balinese Art (Keith Ripley)
Apr 7: Moveable Feasts – food, art and the al fresco (Judy Preston)

Sep 29: Political Art – recent emotive works (David Ploss)
Oct 13: Bitter Rivals make Great Art – Renaissance Florence (Bob Baggs)
Oct 27: Let Us Now Praise Famous Photographers: Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans in 1930s America (Richard Bradley)
Nov 10: Stanley Spencer – Wonder, War and Wilderness (Hazel Trapnell)
Nov 24: Manet: The Execution of Emperor Maximilian (Brendan Skelton, Dursley U3A)
Dec 8: Jacques Henri Lartigue 1894-1986, Photographer Extraordinaire - Family, Fashion, Technology and Après la guerre (Robert Walters)
Jan 12: The Life and Paintings of John Ruskin (Brian Etheridge, Fairford U3A)
Jan 26: The Splendour of Roman Wall Painting (David Norris)
Feb 9: Adventures in Paint: Canada's Group of Seven (Helen Moss)
Feb 23: Fritz Kahn - Seeker of Clarity (Keith Ripley)
Mar 9: The Cult of Beauty (Jan Hynes, Weston-Super-Mare U3A)
Mar 23: A Walk around the Tretykov Gallery in Moscow (Christine Rivett)

Sep 28: Édouard Manet - the Father of Modern Art (David Ploss)
Oct 12: Art in a Domestic Setting - the Story of Kettle's Yard (Nick Large, Thornbury U3A)
Oct 26: Painting de Luxe - the International Gothic Style (David Norris)
Nov 9: Towards a New Architecture - an Introduction to Le Corbusier (Richard Bradley)
Nov 23: Women's Lives; Women's Art (Chris Rivett and Marguerite Valentine)
Jan 11: Suzanne Valadon: a model artist? (Brian Ruse, Weston-super-Mare U3A)
Jan 25: Zeus, his Family and his Friends (Robert Walters)
Feb 8: When in Rome … (Hazel Trapnell)
Feb 22: The Pissarro Family (Keith Ripley)
Mar 8: John Singer Sargent (Brian Etheridge, Fairford U3A)
Mar 22: Nicolae Grigorescu, 'father of modern Romanian art' (Helen Moss)
Apr 5: The Whitechapel Boys: Jewish artists and modernity 1910-16 (Keren Durant)

Sep 27: Considering the representation of literature in art (David Hooper)
Oct 11: Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the Glasgow Four and beyond (Chris Rivett)
Oct 25: A Load of Old Rubbish: The Art of Kurt Schwitters (Richard Bradley)
Nov 8: Sorolla in Paris (Tricia Norton, Thornbury U3A)
Nov 22: Gustav Klimt and the Golden Age of Vienna (David Norris)
Dec 6: Stanhope and Elizabeth Forbes: the Newlyn School (Brian Etheridge, Fairford U3A)
Jan 10: Wall Paintings: understanding Frescos, Street art and Graffiti (Marguerite Valentine)
Jan 24: The Scottish Colourists (Helen Moss)
Feb 7: The Grosvenor School: images from the inter-war years (Keith Ripley)
Feb 21: Stained Glass Windows: Painting with Light (David Speedyman)
Mar 6: Tulip Mania: The Dutch Golden Age (Hazel Trapnell)