Microphone and projector connections

​Microphone System

The power to amplifiers, etc, comes from socket in kitchen, behind urn. Should be turned on but make sure nobody turns it off thinking it's the urn

All microphones controlled from small wireless tuner box on top, first check the antennae is attached at the back (an upright wire), then check the jack plug at rear is plugged into the radio mike socket (IN5), check the power is on. You can then test the mikes, this will show which channel is in use as green lights will show, the volume can then be adjusted using the appropriate knob - this needs to be done and corrected once the speaker starts. Avoid the volume being high enough for red light to show. This controls all the mikes, hand held, head set or lapel mike - its personal choice which to use, the headset and lapel both leave hands free, headset may pick up breathe sound, lapel mike is good unless someone turns head to far to other side, these 2 both fit into same battery pack so its either or. Hand held can be used as well as one of the others but need to man the volume knob to adjust between them. Encourage users to turn off when not in use and avoid coming close or there will be feedback.

Another way of increasing the sound is by adjusting the speaker volume by turning the far right knob on the amplifier, it is labelled "speaker volume" and adjusts the sound coming from speakers on the wall. No other knobs on amplifier need to be touched.

Projector System

The church projector only has a VGA socket, this is plugged into the blue input socket of projector and VGA socket on laptop. When switched on you need to press source and then choose "computer" and press enter. The computer screen should then show on big screen. It will time out if left, just re-press power button.

The U3A projector has both VGA and HDMI, most modern laptops have HDMI. If the speaker does not have VGA socket on laptop then you will need to use your own projector.