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Important Note to PAGE EDITORS
If you edit your group page on the website, you need a new password to get access now. An email has been sent to all group conveners to explain - please look out for it, and respond if you're a Page Editor.


Keeping your U3A running -

  • help needed now in South Bristol - there is a lot going on here, click to contact South
  • shadow/assist one of the committee or the minutes secretary, click on Secretary
  • help with publicity for south Bristol, click on South
  • join the team producing the Newsletters and the Annual Bulletin next June (email & Word skills needed), click on newsletter

New Groups in mind - See list of potential new groups listed on groups page. Anyone interested in joining, or helping to run one of these (or who has ideas for new groups) just let us know by clicking on about groups.


  • Attention, Group Conveners

If you would like to edit your page, click here on edit your page, please do tell us which one it is.

Page Editors should first download and print the Crib Sheet from this page, then click here to log-in to the editing site. Finally select LOGIN AND EDIT.

Click on the links in the sidebar to see 8 pages of Help for Page Editors.

Click on this link to view the page editing video tutorial.

New Video Functions

Any page editor can now embed one YouTube video on any page, The procedure is as follows:

Click "Pages/Edit" page and select the page where the video is to go.
Look down to the list headed "Alternative options", and click "Add / change / remove video" to get the video data entry form.
Enter the video id and the other details as usual and submit the form.

To remove a video, go to the video form as above, but click the link to "Remove video".


  • For users of the new Beacon System

Please click to read the information in The Beacon Story. All Beacon users are required to sign our short Confidentiality statement. To download the statement, please click here on Confidentiality form.


Bristol U3A Archives

Bristol U3A began in the summer of 1983, and we have an almost complete set of records dating from the start. These have been deposited in Bristol Archives (formerly Bristol Record Office) in B Bond Warehouse, Smeaton Road, Hotwells, and can be viewed by anyone interested in the history of our organisation.


IT and other Equipment

Bristol U3A owns a number of laptop computers and digital projectors, plus some sound equipment, which has been acquired in recent years for use by our groups. A recent audit has identified where everything is. There are a couple of rather elderly laptops currently not in use, so if your group could make use of one, please let us know. Contact Helen e-mail to


U3A Events outside Bristol

For U3A events outside Bristol, please go to the National website - You can also sign-in to their website and get access to a wealth of information. This is where you can order your U3A diary.

Other Information.

Notes on microphone and projector connections

The Executive Committee offers some financial help with the cost of one-off activities which contribute to group learning, not social trips. For full details of this please email:

The photo on the Home Page was taken by Ken Cruickshank, and the photo on the Joining Leaflet by Jenny Padfield.

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