A Bit of Fun

Fun with Photography

National u3a is running a fortnightly project to encourage people to take and submit pictures of their surroundings during this unprecedented time. They are posting a different theme each fortnight and inviting members to submit their photos on that topic. It is not a competition and nor is it about your photographic skill – what they want from you are interesting photos, possibly different ways of viewing things, anything which has captured your imagination or caught your eye.

At the end of every fortnight they choose and publish up to 15 photos on an online gallery for each theme so that all members can enjoy the images. All you need to do if upload your photo using the form on the link.

Previous themes were "Yellow", "3", "Connect" and "A non-selfie – this is me" Use the link to discover the current theme and the deadline for submissions.


Recreate Famous Paintings

Hundreds of people around the world have been having great fun dressing up and using objects in their homes to recreate famous paintings. Some efforts are incredibly clever, others are funny. Here are links to some of the results: Getty Museum, Rijksmuseum (Facebook page), tussenkunstenquarantaine (Instagram account). Why not have a look and get inspired to have a go?


Go for a virtual train ride

If you need to escape your home but don't want to go against Government regulations, why not take a virtual train ride? Or even better, be the train driver! Search YouTube for "driver's eye view train rides" and you will find you can (virtually) travel the world. Quality of the videos varies so try a variety. TimsVideoChannel offers rides on some of Britain's preserved lines as well as further afield in Switzerland, the Czech Republic and New Zealand.