Science and Mathematics

Oxford Sparks is a place to explore and discover science research from across the University of Oxford. The site regularly posts videos and podcasts showcasing cutting edge research. Find out about topics as diverse as machine learning, how robots might learn social cues, about life-changing dementia treatments and how studying tiny organisms can shed light on much bigger animals and plants.

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures are available to view from 1968 to 2021.

Christians in Science. This gives info about public lectures concerned with the relationship between science and the Christian faith, which may interest both science and ethics groups.

The Cabot Institute. The Cabot Institute's interests include climate change, natural hazards, food & energy security, resilience & governance, & human impacts on the environment.

Edinburgh Zoo has live web cams so you can check in on their pandas, penguins, tigers, koalas and rockhopper penguins. Quite relaxing!