Virtual u3a

While we were unable to meet in person we found a very large number of websites with interesting resources to keep our brains active and stimulated as well as an enormous amount of free online entertainment. Although we now seem to be emerging from our third lockdown much of this information may continue to be of interest to members.


Keep Fit

If you would like to keep up a fitness regime here are links to Joe Wicks who has a range of free workout videos including some specifically for older people and also to Mr Motivator who joined forces with u3a for a weeklong series of exercises.


Writers Against Covid-19

The website continues to publish short stories, providing people with an entertaining read during the pandemic and beyond. With more than 80 stories from around the world, there’s something for everyone.


Theatre, Opera, Music and Ballet

Check out these institutions which are providing free streamed content. Although there is less to watch than in the height of lockdown, there remains plenty of free entertainment using these links.

And just for fun, for ballet lovers, here is a four and a half minute video of professional dancers practising in their homes, gardens and on their balconies. Opéra National de Paris has edited the sequences together and set them to Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet (best viewed on a small screen).



This link was sent to us and is amazing – a lady called Claire Ryan has compiled an incredibly long and detailed list of links to all sorts of resources including virtual tours; free online study courses in a range of subjects; geography, history, music, literature; teach yourself videos in a range of subjects; entertainment….. as well as links to resources aiming to help us maintain our mental health at this difficult time. Claire works for the NHS, with children and young people with ADHD but most of these links are of interest to everyone of all ages. Do check them out.


Free Online Courses

There are quite literally thousands of free online courses to choose from in a vast choice of subjects. Listed here some links - have a browse through and see what takes your fancy. Have something positive to show for your time in isolation!

Or if you would like to listen to talks on a wide variety of subjects to stimulate the brain, you can choose from 3,400 TED Talks. This link arranges the talks into Playlists, linked by subject area.


Art, Libraries and Museums

A wealth of this country's museum collections, as well as others around the world, can be enjoyed from the comfort of your computer chair.



Some ideas for you if your interest is history.


Science and Mathematics

If this is your interest, here are links to lectures, podcasts and videos. There are also live webcams at Edinburgh Zoo to watch. If you know of more that could be added do let the Website Editor know.


A Bit of Fun

Get creative with photography challenges, have fun dressing up and using household objects to recreate famous paintings...or take a virtual train ride.


Ways to Keep in Touch

Learn how to use Facebook Groups, Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram and WhyPay?